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When do we start the Home Finding?

Ideally, it's best to have your home secured at least 2 weeks prior to your arrival. Home Finding will begin in the 3 months prior to that time.

How do you know what I want?

Not only do I send you a detailed questionnaire and have a video conference with you and your family, I share my property experience since 1985, in finding homes for families and will use all my knowledge, contacts and natural intuition to find the right home in the right place at the right price for you. I'll be in contact with you on a weekly basis.

When do we pay?

Once you have booked the 3*, 4* or 5* service you'll pay an engagement retainer fee. Once your house is secured, the remaining balance is due and I will complete all the inclusions you have selected.

Can I do this myself?

Of course you can. I recommend you set aside several weeks, perhaps months, to see all the available properties. Perhaps fly to the UK and stay for a month as well. Make sure you check the agent is not taking advantage of your distance by promoting the 'lemon' on their books and check all the terms and conditions for items that might snag you in the future. Then arrange furniture, laundry, utilities, a trustworthy car dealer, government taxes, and all the other items on the list I provide.

Can you sign contracts?

I will check your tenancy agreement, your utilities contract, staff contracts, furniture contracts, club memberships and anything else you have to sign. Once you're aware of all the implications, I can negotiate on your behalf and we can organise your signature for all of these items.

What's included and excluded?

Inclusions are ALL home visits, contract negotiations, airport meet & chauffeuring, locality tour, car sourcing, linens, pantry items, personal touches, laundry consumables, cleaning, luxury surprises (if you choose 5* service) directories and advice. Exclusions are the cost of home rental or purchase, your new car, cost of furniture items, gardening, memberships themselves and staff/contractor invoices.

When will we find our Next Home?

Rental homes usually have a two month notice period in the UK. If we find Your Next Home quickly, I will visit the chosen property once a week until your arrival, to concierge the property and make it ready for you, perform the inventory checklist and ensure utilities are connected and grounds are maintained.

What food will you get for our pantry?

My clients always enjoy the familiarity of the foods they enjoy from home combined with some basics everyone needs and some uniquely English items to explore.

We need a school for our children.

I have extensive connections throughout the home counties of England. I will help you identify a small list of schools in your area suitable for your children.

Do I really need a car?

If you intend to live in London there is a world class public transport system as you might find in New York or Hong Kong. However, the rest of the UK does not enjoy this luxury. You will need a car and I will help you source an appropriate vehicle from a trustworthy source making sure it is securely registered with the government.

What if we arrive at midnight?

I'll be there for you, at any time. The last thing you want is to arrive here and drive a strange car in the dark, to a place you've never been. I'll arrange everything for you so your arrival is as smooth as it can be.

My question isn't here...

Use the contact page (top right) to send me your question and I'll get back to you ASAP. Watch the video, as it may answer your question...

Meet Sally: The Home~ologist


The Home~ologist: Excellent Service & Value

I cannot recommend Sally’s services enough. I am a self employed professional and...I needed someone who could save me doing all the leg-work. I needed someone to find and secure me a property, arrange suppliers and move me from my old property, into my new one.

We agreed a brief, she then researched the market, viewed the potential ones and then shortlisted them for me....Sally gave me an orientation tour and showed me where the local shops, train station, library, doctor, petrol station etc were in relation to the property. Basically, I chose where I wanted to live and she negotiated (and got me a great deal).

Sally also arranged the removal from my old property...She arranged for suppliers and liaised with the letting agents...She ‘took the strain’ away from me, allowing me to focus on my work. She did all the negotiating with letting agents, the removal people and even performed a pre-inventory check (saving me a small fortune).

Finally, when I moved into my new home, Sally had even negotiated a cleaning and ironing person for me… and provided a welcome pack! A perfect turnkey solution for me, excellent service and value.

Mr M, moved from East Horsley to Guildford

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